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Hello to everybody interested in getting an hacker , i am Gray a trained ethical hacker here to offer my services , now i know many people are here in the name of being hackers , but i want you guys to understand something first of all for anyone to be an hacker he or she must have some sort of certification in a given area of computer information security and you should always ask for a copy of this certification so as to have something to report to the authorities if get scam in a transaction , so if you are in need of a good hacker do i will give you an authentic copy of my certificate EC-Council certified ethical hacker issued 4 years ago , this is just for you to have a rest of mind that you can report me if i in anyway cheat you. please understand that because of the risk involved i hardly negotiate my fees but you can be rest assured of a clean untraceable job .

mail me: sami . hacking @

skYpe : gray hathackin

= Dis,cord ID: holyhck#1248

ICQ: 659 839 138