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Scam by joseph Elliot Roy Skype joseph ell

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He wanted bank load I load him success then he make to much excuse and rush to close back never hit me back up.
115 Rue galt o
Sherbrooke qc
J1h 1x8
CIBC bank hove Canada Quebec my name is Joseph Elliott Roy 00851 010 7402635 dats my account info
Sow is it good my bank card number is 4506 4457 2395 2808 expdat is 11/21 cvv 446
its 4812850002857363 and expdat is 08/23 cvv 699
Accounts name cash and account number is 7402635
Address is 115galtouest J1H1X8
Routing number 005 and institution number010
joseph, 1:25 AM
4506445723952808 dats my password Panzer66